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10 ECW Originals that were underutilized in WWE

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#9 The F.B.I

The Ki
The Kiss of Death... on their careers

The Full Blooded Italians began in ECW as a comedy stable back in 1996. The full list of members over the years in ECW included Salvatore Bellomo, Tommy Rich, Davey Piezono Mabel, J.T. Smith, Big Guido, Ulf Herman, One Man Gang, Tracy Smothers, Sal E. Graziano and Little 'Nunzio' Guido and Tony Mamaluke, and it is Nunzio and Tony who I will be looking at here.

Easily the standout members of the group, Nunzio and Tony were the most athletic and entertaining in the ring of all members and had considerable success in ECW, which included feuding with many other top teams and capturing the ECW Tag Team Championships.

Tony signed with WWE in 2006 to be apart of the revived ECW brand. Nunzio had already been wrestling on WWE TV since 2003 and had been a two-time Cruiserweight Champion. The two were paired together naturally and were also given former TNA star Trinity as a manager.

Despite being an exciting team in the ring, Nunzio and Tony only appeared sporadically on WWE ECW in losing attempts until Tony was released in early 2007. Nunzio also remained on the losing side till his release the following year.