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10 forgotten mid-card WWE returns 

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A Masterful waste

I recent years in WWE we have seen some of the biggest stars return for one more run, the like of The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Kurt Angle, the Hardy Boyz and Chris Jericho, just to name a few.

However it is not just always the big names that have returned, sometimes WWE bring back former mid-card stars to see if they can do anything better with them a second time around, and sometimes it has worked out. Much of the time these returns don't really amount to anything, so much to the point where you may have even forgotten the returns happened. Here are ten of such.

#10 Chris Masters: 2009–2011

Better the first time around

Chris Masters had a pretty damn good rookie year on WWE TV. Chris maintained a long undefeated streak, got his Masterlock Full Nelson finisher over, regularly shared the ring on RAW with the like of John Cena, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels and others, and was featured in the main event of two pay-per-views, Survivor Series and New Years Revolution. That's not too bad at all.

However, Chris was still very green when he received these opportunities and thus, did not make the best of them. After shifting down the mid-card, he was released from his WWE contract shortly after violating WWE's wellness policy for the second time.

Chris would return to WWE two years later in 2009. WWE had no plans to do anything useful with Masters as he been hired back as a favor from WWE to Masters close friend, then WWE Champion Randy Orton. Masters mostly engaged in lower-card feuds throughout 2009 until his release in 2011, none of which were notable for anything of interest. What was interesting was that by the time Chris was released, he had improved quite a lot in the ring. Chris has since wrestled on the independent and scene, and most recently, a 2-year stint with Impact Wrestling.

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