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10 Former NXT Superstars: Where are they now?

Proving there is life after NXT!

Whatever happened to this guy?

Since evolving from FCW to NXT, WWE's developmental system has been a sometimes revolving door for good talent, which has gone on to see great success in other promotions. Some have been world champions, some have been involved in top level feuds and storylines, while some have failed miserably.

All have, at one point in time or another, been a part of the yellow brand. Here's a look at 10 former NXT Superstars and where they are now.

1- Kassius Ohno

Many thought he was on his way to the main roster.

As we all know, Kassius made a name for himself, long before signing a WWE contract, but he made his name as Chris Hero. Upon arriving in the WWE, he was assigned to the normal developmental process, as expected. The problem was not talent related. It was actually the fact that for whatever reason, WWE creative wanted to completely overhaul and change everything about Kassius. This is where the friction started. However, Ohno still managed to have some really good feuds with the likes of stars such as Richie Steamboat and others. 

In November of 2013, Kassius was released from his WWE contract, just as many believed he was on the verge of getting called to the main roster. He was rumoured to be the third member of the Shield instead of Roman Reigns. Apparently, WWE trainers and staff had grown frustrated with his lack of ability to trim down and cut some of the fat, which may have played a role in his release.

Since leaving, he went back to his Chris Hero name and has been continuously one of the most requested talents on the indie scene. He's been booked everywhere and all over the map, including Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate USA. 

He’s back in NXT as we speak and has been booked as a top tier talent from the get go.

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