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10 Gimmick Changes That Saved Dying Careers

David Cullen
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Destined t
Destined to fail, destined to shine

Not every gimmick in the WWE can be a home run. In fact, not every gimmick can even work on the first try. Sometimes a superstar is given something to work with which is impossible, and are doomed from the beginning.

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It can take a while for a performer to find the right fit as sometimes a single wrestler can go through two, three or even more gimmicks, before they find the one that fits. These superstars were all at a point in their careers where they were playing a character for months and even years, before that same character nearly brought them down.

Thankfully, these lucky few would manage to bounce back with some help from the creative writers, or even the superstars themselves developing a new version of themselves to be reborn into a fresh new gimmick.

#10 The Miztourage Becomes The B Team

From jokes to Champs

Back in June 2017, The Miz approached former Social Outcast members, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, offering to make them 'stars', if they became his Hollywood entourage. Bo and Curtis accepted and remained with The Miz for almost a year before he was drafted to Smackdown in the Superstar Shakeup.

During their time as the 'Miztourage', Bo and Curtis picked up some victories here and there but were generally treated as a joke, who would always lose the matches that really counted. Following their split from The Miz earlier this year, they dubbed themselves "The B-Team", and have been on a winning streak since mid-May.

Most recently, they defeated Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship, and their push doesn't seem to be slowing down.


#9 Too Much Becomes Too Cool

Scott Taylor and Brian Christopher became Too Cool for words

Scott Taylor and Brian Christopher were literally thrown together as a tag team, just so both superstars would be able to compete on the card of WrestleMania XIV in 1998, in a tag team battle royal.

WWE liked how well they meshed together and decided to keep them as a tag team. Scott didn't have much of a gimmick at the time as he had been mainly used as an enhancement talent, while Brian was just an over-the-top arrogant loud mouth.

At times it kind of seemed like they were trying to play homosexual characters, but, possibly due to being uncomfortable with it, they never seemed to put much effort into it. It has never been confirmed if that is what their gimmick actually was.

Regardless of what it was, in June 1999, they were renamed "Too Cool", and given the gimmick of white boy bad hip-hop dancers, similar to The Public Enemy of ECW. However, as the months went by, the now renamed Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexy had all of a sudden become quite good at dancing, with Scotty most notably adapting 'The Worm'. They would also join up with Rikishi Fatu, and become a trio.

Over the space of a very short time, Too Cool went from no reaction to the roof nearly being blown off the building every time they entered. In 2000, they won the WWE Tag Team Championships and participated in feuds with The McMahon/Helmsley Regime and Edge and Christian. They remained incredibly over until Grandmaster was fired in 2001.

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