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10 greatest championships in WWE history

WWE has a long line of great championships from past and present.

Top 5 / Top 10 15 Feb 2018, 22:30 IST

Which belt will come out on top?
Which belt will come out on top?

Over the course of many decades, World Wrestling Entertainment has had some of the most prestigious championships in all of professional wrestling. In addition to this, they’ve also had some of the most entertaining, and today we’ve decided to combine those two attributes in order to determine the best of the best.

Of course, there’s going to be some controversy here given that some people enjoy particular belts over others, but there’s a wide enough range that should make everyone relatively happy. We aren’t talking about the designs of the belts here, either, because we all know that the Intercontinental Championship would run away with it.

While some of you may not enjoy the current product that WWE is putting out there, you can’t deny that we’ve been made to care a great deal about the fate of these titles since their inception.

With that being said, here are our 10 greatest championships in WWE history.

#10 Million Dollar Championship

Everybody's got a price
Everybody's got a price

It may be a little bit silly and it may not have been a legitimate belt in the strictest of senses, but the Million Dollar Championship was great. It helped to advance the blossoming character of Ted DiBiase, and the visual of seeing him hold it was great when you consider just how well he played the role of an arrogant millionaire.

While it’d be nice to see it make a return there isn’t really a character who can pull it off right now, although an Alberto Del Rio return could be the perfect opportunity for WWE to test the waters with it again. Sure, it may not work out and it’s probably a risk they don’t want to take, but just seeing it back on WWE television again would pop the crowd for sure.

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