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10 greatest heel WrestleMania victories

One more for the bad guys.

Top 5 / Top 10 26 Feb 2018, 22:15 IST

Sometimes, the bad guy wins
Sometimes, the bad guy wins

As fans of professional wrestling we’ve been conditioned to believe that, in the end, the good guy always comes out on top. After months of being bested by the dastardly villain in question, one thing that you can all but guarantee when it comes to the showcase of the immortals is that the babyface will win the feud and the fans will rejoice.

Unfortunately for fans of that narrative, sometimes, things don’t always turn out that way. Sometimes the undeserving bad guy manages to sneak in a big-time win on the grandest stage of them all, and as the years go on, it doesn’t get any less surprising.

Of course, most of these ‘heels’ are deserving of their wins, but as fans, we want to be invested enough to the point where we actually want to see them get their comeuppance.

With that being said, here are our 10 greatest heel WrestleMania victories.

#10 The Undertaker - WrestleMania 18

Justice didn't prevail
Justice didn't prevail

It may come as a surprise to some in the present day, but back in 2002, The Undertaker was a pretty big heel. He was in the midst of his American Badass gimmick which gave him more of a ‘human’ side, and as it turns out, that human side wasn’t very pleasant. Unfortunately for Ric Flair, he learned that lesson the hard way.

The entire build-up of the Taker vs Flair match involved The Deadman torturing Ric and his entire family, to the point where he even beat his son to a bloody pulp. It seemed as if The Nature Boy was in line for a feel-good Mania win, but alas, not even an Arn Anderson spinebuster could prevent Taker from walking away with the win. 

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