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10 major missteps that changed WWE forever

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Vince McMahon
The Chairman

Throughout the 35 year history of WWE under the rule of Vincent Kennedy McMahon, many decisions were made that lead to the company becoming a relative monopoly in the world of pro-wrestling.

The huge risk of the original WrestleMania, the rise of Hulkamania and the Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection, and the birth of Austin 3:16 and The Rock were all major moments that changed WWE for the better. But what about the major mistakes that changed the company for the worse?

They do exist.

No company is infallible, including WWE, and some of the decisions made under Vince McMahon have had incredibly negative results. From defecting talents that lead to record-low television ratings to empowering the wrong leaders resulting in a sharp decline in the product's quality, WWE has made numerous missteps since 1982, but none were bigger than these...

#10 Ending The Streak at WrestleMania XXX

The end of The Streak
The Streak ended with a thunderous F5

It's one of the most controversial finishes in WWE history and it shocked the wrestling world like few others. The live reactions rank right up there with Ivan Koloff's victory over Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF Championship in 1971— the crowd was absolutely stunned.

Over 30 years later, when Brock Lesnar pinned The Undertaker in New Orleans at WrestleMania XXX, it was the same type of shock. Millions of viewers even thought that someone messed up the finish. How else could it be explained? Surely, The Undertaker wasn't supposed to lose to Brock Lesnar?!

WWE just killed it's golden WrestleMania goose... and for a part-time veteran that was already a main event superstar? The finish did propel Lesnar to another stratosphere, but the story of such a colossal, decades-in-the-making victory could've been foreshadowed or built up much stronger, executed better, followed-up more effectively, or used to create a brand new main event player — not to rehabilitate a megastar who should've been booked with more care in his first couple of years back with the company.

Since then, WrestleMania's felt a bit lacking. Even though The Undertaker still participated through 2017, his more recent matches have paled in comparison to The Streak days.

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