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10 memorable moments from WrestleMania 2

Daniel Crump
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40   //    04 Feb 2018, 01:05 IST

Second time around.
The second time around.

With the success of WrestleMania 1 still under his wings, Vince McMahon was flying high atop the wrestling world. The WWF had made a huge statement and while ultimate domination was not theirs just as yet, he knew that other companies around him had a mountain to climb if they wanted to catch up.

WrestleMania 2 is perhaps an example of Vince's ego getting the better of him. It still remains to this day the most ambitious WrestleMania of all time and while there were plenty of decent matches and signature moments along the way, it doesn't tend to make many people's top 10.

Continuing our series here at Sportskeeda, here are 10 memorable moments from Wrestlemania 2.

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