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10 most brutal busts in WWE's history

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Tiger Ali Singh's manservant angle would probably go down as one of the biggest duds in WWE
Tiger Ali Singh's manservant angle would probably go down as one of the biggest duds in WWE history

The WWE has solidified its status as a bona fide global sports-entertainment juggernaut over the years, courtesy of several creative gems on part of Vince McMahon and the plethora of exceptional talents who’ve tirelessly contributed toward the betterment of the product,

WWE adamantly basks in glory atop the professional wrestling industry—staying put on the throne, after decimating its biggest rival WCW. Nevertheless, much like any other entity thriving under God’s hot sun, the WWE has indeed witnessed its fair share of failures as well.

Today we recall some of the biggest busts in WWE’s history—a few Superstars who failed owing to lack of crowd reaction, others who faded due to negligible wrestling skills, or even a couple of outstanding performers who didn’t quite click in WWE but found success elsewhere in the business— 

#10 The Gobbledy Gooker aka Hector Guerrero

In all fairness, Hector who belonged to the famed wrestling family which produced the likes of Eddie and Chavo Guerrero, did indeed find decent success outside the WWE.

However, the man is perhaps best remembered for his portrayal of the Gobbledy Gooker in the WWE—a character which hatched out of a giant egg at Survivor Series 1990; following which thunderous boos were rained down upon the ongoing segment. Bear in mind that the WWE had considerably hyped up the debut of this character, however, he’d only appear on the taped segments which followed the event, before the entire idea was scrapped by management.

For years, the Gobbledy Gooker was widely regarded as the single worst gimmick not only in WWE but all of professional wrestling. The premise of the character was that he hatched out of an enormous egg, and appeared wearing a turkey costume. Enough said!

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