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10 most controversial moments in the history of the indies

Pratyay Ghosh
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Cactus Jack was at home in the hardcore world of Extreme Championship Wrestling

Controversy creates cash, and the history of pro wrestling is littered with moments where the provocative antics of the protagonists have left fans with their mouths wide open in shock. And whether it’s positive or negative, wrestling fans love controversy.

Over the years, there have been countless controversial moments in the WWE, but here we will look at such moments from the world of indie wrestling.

The incidents discussed in this article are some of the most brutal and jaw-dropping moments in wrestling history to have happened outside the WWE. Some of these moments have become infamous and are still widely talked about today amongst hardcore fans, while others are a little less well known, but no less controversial.

#10 Bruiser Brody’s death

Bruiser Brody’s murder is one of the most infamous incidents in the history of wrestling.

Bruiser Brody was a big star during the territorial days of wrestling. He was a controversial and outspoken wrestler who often rubbed bookers the wrong way by refusing to do jobs and going back on promises.

In 1988, he was wrestling at a show in Puerto Rico when he was stabbed in the shower of the locker room by local wrestling agent Jose Gonzalez. Gonzalez had met Brody in the shower in order to talk, when wrestlers at the venue heard a scream and Brody stumbled out of the shower, with multiple stab wounds and blood all over him.

He was taken to a hospital where he passed away the next morning. Gonzalez was found ‘not guilty’ in the trial that followed, and he shamelessly recreated the incident in an angle in Japan a few years later.

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