10 most overrated legends in WWE history

Not everyone that’s called a ‘WWE Legend’ gas truly earned that moniker
Modified 05 Jun 2017
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WWE’s rich history is filled with many great men and women that are known as ‘WWE Legends’. These athletes are considered by WWE to have been critical to WWE’s success over the years, and as such are venerated by today’s commentators and script-writers.

Some people that become legends in WWE truly deserve that honor. The Undertaker, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Bret Hart; these are but a few of the greatest and most influential wrestlers in WWE history. These wrestlers earned the title of ‘legend’ through decades of hard work and immense sacrifice in order to entertain the fans and put on fantastic matches.

Then there are the more dubious legends. These are people that are not only considered ‘legends’ in terms of their impact on WWE’s history, but are also called ‘legends’ because of their current activities. Some of these ‘legends’ are ambassadors for WWE and act as spokespersons for the company in their day-to-day lives.

It’s this second group that we’ll be looking at in this article. Some of these legends so incredibly over-rated, it makes us wonder how they got the title of ‘WWE Legend’.

#10 Sycho Sid 

Sid was one wrestler that Vince McMahon liked for only one reason

Sycho Sid is one of a long list of big men that got a push simply because they were so big. In all, Sid spent only five years in WWE, yet somehow that translated into two WWF World Heavyweight Championship reigns.

Sid’s matches at the time weren’t particularly good, unless he was wrestling a true in-ring great like Bret Hart. His promos weren’t that good either, including that one famous botch where he said he has half the brain his opponent did. Nice one, Sid.

Ultimately, Sid will go down in WWE history as a transitional champion who happened to be in WWE as it was undergoing a change in image. His lack of grappling skill and average-at-best promo skills prevented him from becoming a true legend in WWE.

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Published 05 Jun 2017
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