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10 moves that will make Roman Reigns matches more exciting

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Roman Reigns,
Should Roman Reigns change up his move set?

Roman Reigns is boring.

The WWE Universe has no doubt heard this for years now and while everyone is entitled to their opinion, it's hard to deny that Reigns has had some pretty great matches this year. Of course, fans are going to point to his abysmal match with Samoa Joe at Backlash as proof of how bad he is, but they never seem to want to mention the good ones he has had.

In fact, Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley's match against the 'The Revival' was amazing and included Reigns actually losing to the tag team. Then there was the match at Extreme Rules against Bobby Lashley, which was a barn burner from beginning to end and culminated in Reigns taking a key loss to his new rival.

With that being said, and Reigns current move set becoming very stale with the current WWE audience, here are the moves that Reigns needs to add to his arsenal in order to make his matches a little more exciting. Keep in mind that opinions are subjective and my opinion may not be yours, but I would love to know what moves you would like to see him do in the comments below!

#10 Steal opponents finishers.

John Cena, Roman Reigns,
What if Roman Reigns stole other superstar's finishers?

One of the most hellish things you can do in a WWE match is use someone's finisher against them and that's exactly why Reigns should start doing just that. Not only will it allow for a new finisher to be used each match, which will be cool to see what kind of spin he put on it, it will also allow him to gain a lot of heat for doing it.

Think about it. If Roman Reigns hit Seth Rollins with a curb stomp in a match, the fans would be going absolutely crazy over it. Jaws would be dropped, fans would be shocked and it would really help him achieve a prickish look. In the end, that's exactly what Reigns needs in his move set right now, which is why stealing other people's finishers is the way to go.

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