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10 of pro-wrestling's greatest villains

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Hollywood Hogan was WCW's Darth Vader in the late 1990s.

As a form of ritual drama, pro wrestling has always boiled down, in essence to the conflict of good vs evil.

Despite an ever more sophisticated audience and society, pro wrestling really hasn't changed this formula. For example, while the pro-American patriot was a big hero in the 1980s, they were portrayed as the bad guys when Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter were shouting "we the people!"

While the definition of evil may change over time, the conflict remains the same. Here are ten of the evilest, downright dirty, and irredeemable villains in the history of wrestling.

#10 Ravishing Rick Rude


Before his Ravishing days, Rick Rude was a popular babyface who often teamed with Latino star Manny Fernandez.

Then he joined the WWE and created his greatest persona; Ravishing Rick Rude.

Managed by the evil Bobby the Brain Heenan, Rick Rude's schtick was to rub the fan's nose in how much better looking he was. He would often invite a young lady up to the ring to deliver the 'rude awakening' -- a passionate kiss. But not before he asked the masses to be quiet while he posed.

Cocky mannerisms aside, Rude was a truly skilled worker in the ring and possessed tons of charisma. Perhaps his most villainous deeds happened during his feud with Jake "the Snake" Roberts. After hitting on Jake's wife at ringside, Rude would emblazon her likeness on his tights, with her face being right across his chiselled rear end.

Rude would face comeuppance after Jake promised to 'take those tights right off'.

The Ravishing One passed away all too early, denying fans the opportunity to jeer his antics, but he will always be remembered as one of the best bad guys of all time. Here's Rude facing another legend who is no longer with us; The Ultimate Warrior.

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