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10 of professional wrestling's funniest moments

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El Gigante/Giant Gonzales with Harvey Whippleman
El Gigante/Giant Gonzales with Harvey Whippleman

Why do you watch wrestling? Is it for the death-defying leaps? The brutal collisions of muscled hulks? Or the beauty of the women's division?

Sometimes, wrestling gets so funny you have to laugh out loud! Everyone, from The Undertaker to James Ellsworth, is occassionally bound to do something that will have you roaring with laughter.

With that being said, here are ten of wrestling's funniest moments.

#10 The Rock Smashes his own Skull with a Steel Chair

Ah, the Attitude Era. Cursing, exposed flesh, and a level of violence you just won't see in the new, PG WWE. Here is a clip from the Attitude Era of Hollywood Superstar The Rock learning to be a little more careful when swinging a steel chair.

Unexpected and utterly hilarious! Props to the Rock for allowing this bit of self-depreciating humor to happen.

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