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10 of the most jacked bodies in pro-wrestling

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Contrary to popular belief, being hyper-muscular is not required to be a professional wrestler. Some of the most popular acts of all time haven't had a 'beach body',, such as Dusty Rhodes or Mick Foley.

Still, having a jacked physique certainly doesn't hurt, and many pro wrestlers look amazing.

But there are some athletes who stand out even among other fitness giants. Men whose definition, sheer size, and muscular development puts fans and critics alike in awe.

Here are ten of the most jacked physiques in wrestling history.

#10 Superstar Billy Graham

Superstar Billy Graham
Superstar Billy Graham

An avid bodybuilder and friend to Arnold Schwartzenegger, Billy Graham was one of the first wrestlers to sport a truly jacked to the max look.

Graham could have been a Superstar based on his physique alone, but he was also one of the sport's greatest talkers. He often described himself as "sweeter than German Chocolate cake" and was gleeful in demeanour whether as a face or a heel.

Basically, both Jesse Ventura and Hulk Hogan are just clones of Superstar Billy Graham in both appearance and personality.

Graham is under a Legends contract with the WWE but retired from performing long ago. The former WWWF heavyweight champion looked great, even by today's standards.

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