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Size matters: 10 of wrestling's best big men

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Andre and Big John Studd
Andre and Big John Studd

While wrestling fans thrill to the exploits of smaller sized athletes like Finn Balor and AJ Styles, there is just something awe-inspiring about seeing the biggest examples of humanity duke it out in the ring.

Just being big isn't enough to make this list: A wrestler needs to have good chemistry in the ring and be capable of doing more than letting people run into their boot. Without further ado, here are ten of wrestling's best big men.

#10 Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash is just under seven feet.
Kevin Nash is just under seven feet

Whether he's going by the name of Oz, Diesel, or just plain Kevin Nash, there's not doubt the founding father of the NWO belongs on the list of best big men. Nash won world titles in both the major promotions of the 90s, WCW and WWE.

He turned a lot of heads when he defected from Titansports and jumped ship to Turner's WCW, and the ratings triumph of the latter for nearly three years is proof of this.

While Nash doesn't have the skill set of someone like The Undertaker, he still belongs on this list due to his charisma and promo cutting skills. When Kevin Nash speaks, people tend to listen.

He is also one of the goofiest talents in wrestling history, and refuses to take himself too seriously.

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