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10 of wrestling's most shocking new champions

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When Brock Lesnar came through the WWE ranks in the early 2000s, you just KNEW he was going to be the world champion at some point.

Likewise, for any title match John Cena is chasing, chances are that he'll end up with the belt.

But sometimes, wrestling fans are taken completely unawares by a title change. An unexpected challenger becomes a champion, and the history books have to be re-written. Here are ten times a new champion shocked the world.

#10 Mankind wins WWE World title

Mankind was a surprise champion, so much so he won the Monday night wars.
Mankind was a surprise champion, so much so he won the Monday night wars

When the WCW announce team gave out the results for a taped Raw back in 1998, they scoffed at the idea of 'Cactus Jack' as world champion.

"That'll put asses in seats!"

Unfortunately, they didn't count on Mick Foley's popularity. The fans switched channels in droves to see the unexpected, unlikely, and shocking moment when Mankind defeated The Rock for the WWE's biggest belt of all.

Not only was Mankind's win shocking, it shifted momentum during the infamous Monday Night War to the WWE's side, and WCW would never be on top in the ratings again.

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