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10 top pro wrestling imposters

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Which one is the real Undertaker?
Which one is the real Undertaker?

Ever since the classic tale The Man in the Iron Mask, people have been obsessed with the idea of body doubles and imposters.

In that novel, the rightful king is replaced by a look-alike while he languishes in the dungeon beneath an iron mask. The Three Musketeers eventually set things to right, but not until after the look-alike has caused all kinds of havoc.

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Since Pro wrestling is an amalgamation of various different forms of entertainment, it stands to reason that this imposter trope would be utilized in sports entertainment. Here are ten times a popular wrestler was replaced with an imposter.

#1.Black Tiger and Tiger Mask

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Actually, Tiger Mask counts as an imposter of himself, since several men have played the character. The original was Satoru Sayama, and he was the one who mainly feuded with the dreaded Black Tiger, who was played by Gaijin Mark Rocco.

Black Mask was basically just like Tiger Mask, only evil.

#2. "New" Razor Ramon

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Rick Bognar was a journeyman grappler looking for his first big break in the industry. He was hired by WWE and had to think his career would finally take off.


Unfortunately, he was placed in an imposter gimmick of Razor Ramon. The jury is still out on exactly WHY WWE thought a fake Razor Ramon would get over after Scott Hall, the man who made the gimmick famous, left for WCW.

Some say it was done for revenge on Hall, others say it was to confuse fans into thinking Hall never actually left WWE, and still others think it was supposed to get Jim Ross over as a heel since he 'believed' the new Razor Ramon played by Bognar was the genuine article. The gimmick was quickly scrapped, but not until after a Royal Rumble appearance.

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