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10 Reasons Why Kevin Nash Is Better Than CM Punk

Johny Payne
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#9 Larger than life

Kevin Nash has been blessed with both size and charisma
Kevin Nash has been blessed with both size and charisma

Building on the point we discussed in the previous page, I'd like to clarify that by no means do we intend to say that CM Punk hasn't faced adversity in his life -- Instead, our aim is to shut down claims that Nash was 'handed' everything to him just because of his size and look!

Expounding upon that very point, it's undeniable that the 6'10" 300+ pound giant's larger-than-life stature did play a role in his rise to the top. Regardless, Nash was and is considerably different than most other big men in the world of professional wrestling -- especially due to the fact that Nash was one of the rare giants in the business who had been blessed with a ton of natural charisma.

On the other hand, while CM Punk's fans claim that he was charismatic in his own right, the 6'1" man who was billed at around 220 pounds or so during his WWE days and now cuts weight to make 170 pounds in the Welterweight division as an MMA fighter, wasn't exactly a larger-than-life character during his time atop the WWE throne...