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10 shocking backstage stories from Wrestlemania you didn't know about

Daniel Crump
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Many tales to tell.
Many tales to tell.

In the long history of Wrestlemania, there have been numerous high-quality matches and shocking moments to speak of. The event is still seen to this day as the most important night in the business of professional wrestling and everybody has their own opinion about which show was the greatest of all time.

As well as a huge catalogue of great bouts, Wrestlemania also has some lesser known backstage stories, mostly involving personal animosity between superstars. Given the wrestling business is such an intense industry, it's no surprise that the action inside the ring occasionally spills out into real life.

Here are 10 backstage stories from Wrestlemania you might not know about:

#1 Savage and Beefcake nearly come to blows at WM 6

A close shave.
A close shave.

The "Macho Man" Randy Savage is no doubt a legend of the WWE. For most of what later become known as the 'Hogan Era', Savage was always seen as an invaluable player on the roster and would particularly shine at Wrestlemania. His matches at the event, for example, are the stuff of legend, but there have also been a fair few backstage moments where the former WWF and Intercontinental Champion has allowed his notorious temper to get the better of him.

At Wrestlemania 6, Savage's younger brother, who wrestled for the WWF as 'The Genius' for a while in the 80s and early 90s was involved in a match with Brutus Beefcake. Beefcake's gimmick at the time involved him chopping off pieces of his opponents' hair, a tradition that started back at Wrestlemania 3 against Adrian Adonis.

The Genius was managing Mr Perfect going into the bout and attempted to run away from the ring with Brutus's hair clippers. Beefcake was told prior to the match that he was to catch up with Poffo and drag him back to the ring before cutting off his hair.

The problem was, this piece of information was not actually related to The Genius himself. Going back and watching the incident all these years later and you may realise that Poffo's kicking and screaming was partially genuine.

Savage was said to have confronted Beefcake backstage with the two nearly coming to blows. Luckily for the company's HR division, the situation was resolved before anybody got seriously hurt.

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