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10 things fans would love to see in the WWE Museum if there was one

What would be included in the ultimate WWE display?

Top 5 / Top 10 20 Oct 2017, 12:12 IST

A land of memories.
A land of memories.

There are many things that have gone into making the WWE the widely loved and well-respected organisation it is today. Fans simply love talking about their fondest memories of when big signature moments turned the wrestling business on its head and shocked the world of sports entertainment to its core.

For a company with such a rich history, there is more than enough memorabilia and paraphernalia to fill a gigantic museum. If such a thing existed, fans would flock from all over the world for a chance to see some of the iconic wrestling gear, weapons and title belts from their childhoods.

Should a phenomenon ever actually happen, here are ten items the WWE would be wise to include:

1. Andre the Giant's boots

Big shoes to fill.
Big shoes to fill.

There is perhaps no another fitting tribute to the memory of Andre the Giant than the fact that he was the first official inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. His legacy has taken on an aura that no superstar, past or present, will ever be able to attain. Therefore, if there ever was to be a WWE museum, Andre would most certainly deserve some kind of dedication.

Perhaps the best way to allow older fans to remember the Giant, and for younger fans to experience a little of what it would have been like to see him live, is to place a pair of his wrestling boots in a glass box. This would indicate the sheer size of the man and let people imagine what it would be like to stand toe to toe with him inside the ring.

The boots would be a centrepiece of a whole collection of memorabilia and information about Andre. After all, no true WWE museum would be complete without one.

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