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10 things only Triple H has done in the WWE 

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Triple H has made notable contributions to the WWE

Triple H has done many things in wrestling that no other wrestler has. Some will say this is because of backstage politics and his marriage to Stephanie McMahon. Although it's hard to deny it, in this case, Triple H seems to have mastered the backstage game of the wrestling industry more than any other who has come before him, aside from possibly Vince McMahon himself.

The 14x world champion has arguably had the greatest career of any wrestler ever. Now in his late 40s, Triple H is able to spend most of his time working as a top executive in the company and only wrestling on the big shows. He's got it made, in other words.

This article takes a look at ten things that only Triple H has ever accomplished in WWE.

#10 Triple H unmasked Kane 

Triple H is the only person in the world who can take credit for the unmasking of Kane. He did so by defeating him at Madison Square Garden on an episode of Monday Night Raw on June 23rd, 2003.

Kane was a babyface at the time and Triple H was a heel. From the moment Kane was unmasked, however, he turned back into his evil, dark persona. Many were surprised to learn that Kane's face wasn't badly burned as Paul Bearer told us it had been, however. We would later learn that Paul Bearer had inflicted psychological damage to Kane that made him believe his face was hideously disfigured.

The unmasking of Kane is just one of many things only Triple H can lay claim to.

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