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5 things Vince McMahon should do for the sake of the fans 

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Vince McMahon
The Boss

If WWE is a marionette, then Vince McMahon is the puppeteer. However, unlike other puppeteers who change the movement of their fingers according to the wishes of the audience, Vince is pretty much stubborn.

Most of the WWE critics from all across the globe will agree that Vince pushes that Superstar or story-line that he thinks would work, not what the fans think. As of now, there isn't much competition to the WWE in the pro-wrestling business. However, that doesn't mean he can do whatever to float his boat. If things go at this rate, then do expect NJPW or ROH to emerge as the top contender in this business. Let's have a look at 10 things Vince McMahon should do for the sake of the fans.

#5 Push Finn Balor not Roman Reigns

The aura of Demon needs a new shine
The aura of Demon needs a new shine

Roman has main-evented three consecutive Wrestlemanias and is on the verge of doing it for the fourth time. If you think that he should be on the top because he sells the most merchandise, then it is because Vince created his path in such a way.

One question which strikes the mind of every critic is when was the last time he took a loss? He has been pushed to the mountain and the snow boulders in his path looked like pebbles.

Meanwhile, Finn Balor had to go through landslides after landslides and managed to reach the summit only once. If that is not enough, then there were rumors suggesting that Vince wanted him to be in 205 live and his match with Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble had to be scrapped because he was not 'over'. His alliance with the Good Brothers better not be a marketing gimmick and take him to the zenith.

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