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10 Things WWE could do to improve ratings

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 08:06 IST
Can WWE make changes to programming that will increase ratings and improve the product?

WWE is going through what appears to be another rebirth and revival of its promotion. A new era – two new brands with new logos and new rosters. This renaissance of sorts is great in theory, but ultimately, it isn’t bringing fans back to arenas or increasing subscriptions to the WWE Network. For everything the McMahons are doing to make things new and exciting, it is falling on deaf ears.

Fans want what they want. The only problem is WWE has not identified the desire of those plunking down money for pay-per-views, network buys, and merchandise. And going back to the drawing board only creates more hassles and more money spent. At some point, the wheel must stop spinning.

What happens when the magical machine stops and the ideas are exhausted? Can WWE, which is the standard bearer for the industry regroup and make things exciting again? Can the McMahons, while stealing a popular catchphrase, make wrestling great again?

The odds aren’t in his favor as fans are growing up, having families of their own and their sensibilities are changing. In order to keep the masses entertained, there has to be creativity and most of all, passion in this company.

Here are 10 ways WWE can go through another revolution of sorts and help increase ratings.

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Published 30 Sep 2016, 12:00 IST
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