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10 things WWE got right on the Smackdown Live after SummerSlam 

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A near perfect episode of Smackdown Live.

This week in WWE, Summerslam was good for what it was, Raw was an okay follow up, and Smackdown Live completely bested both those shows in terms of quality storytelling. Every week the blue brand is able to produce an episode of wrestling that manages to entertain and more importantly moves the narratives forward. While The Shield's reunion on Raw was great for what it was, Raw had nothing else of importance to show for its three-hour runtime.

And Smackdown Live, on the other hand, was almost a perfect show that managed to take each storyline on the show to the next level, and that's what wrestling is all about, taking fans on a journey of progression, and the blue brand did that extremely well this week.

#1 Becky Lynch is more than a heel

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How is she the heel again?

Becky Lynch's heel turn is not working, and for one reason, she is actually justified in doing what she's doing, and that is something fans understand. As fans are tired of Charlotte Flair hogging the spotlight and winning titles on a regular basis while stars like Becky are left in her shadow, and no one back in WWE's creative camp expected Becky to be booed as a heel and Charlotte cheered, as Becky's promo made her come off as a bigger face.

Becky has transcended the role of a heel, as her motivations are justified, her actions are understandable, and her goal is clear, take down Charlotte from her throne to get the one thing she has worked tirelessly for - the Smackdown Live Women's Title. Moreover, the brawl between Flair and Becky was just gold, as this is the best storyline in the women's division today, as nothing else in WWE comes close to the excellent narrative this feud has.

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