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10 things you did not know about Braun Strowman

Pravir Rai
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WWE's First-Ever Emmy 'For Your Consideration' Event
WWE's First-Ever Emmy 'For Your Consideration' Event

Braun Strowman is a force to reckon with in the WWE universe. They love him for his work ethics, splendid performances, and raw power. He won the '2018 Men's Money in the Bank contract.' A lot of facts are already in the public domain. However, there are a few aspects which people do not know about him.

Here are 10 such facts.

#1. Mark Henry got him into the WWE

Mark Henry was considered the World’s Strongest Man for decades. He introduced Braun Strowman to Vince McMahon.

#2. Poor Grades stopped his career in the American Football

While growing up, he played three sports - American football, wrestling, and track. He was not good at studies and hence could not get the college education. This is why he had to give up the dream of playing football in college. Their loss is our gain. He opted for wrestling.

#3. The fastest sportsman to turn professional strongman in the history

Braun first competed in the Strongman competition in September 2009 and was handed a professional card within two years, making him the fastest competitor to do so.

#4. Already acted in a movie


Braun acted in an indie-movie called Three Count. It was only 50 minutes long.

#5. Before WWE, he never ever wrestled

He made his WWE debut in 2014 and defeated Chad Gable for NXT. Before this match, he had never wrestled before.

#6. He did not like his split with the Wyatt family

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Bray Wyatt and Braun shared a bond of friendship. When the initial split happened with the Wyatt family, he was heartbroken since both of them could not work together.

#7. He loved to eat

Braun would consume 1000+ grams of protein and 12,000 calories a day — including a Triple Whopper Combo with cheese at the Burger King.

#8. Name change

He went through a name change early in his career. Braun was first listed as Braun Stowman before his present stage name, Braun Strowman.

#9. Known by various nicknames

Strowman is known by several nicknames in the WWE and beyond. Within the WWE universe, he is known as the “A Mountain of a Man,” and “Monster Among Men,” clearly referring to his big size and appearance. As a strongman, he was known as “Big Country” and “Mansquatch.”

#10. WWE fans fat shamed him

When he made his debut on the main roster with The Wyatt Family, the WWE fans called him fat.