10 Things you didn't know about Brock Lesnar

Brock is the best pure athlete to ever set foot inside a WWE ring
Pratyay Ghosh

4: Brock’s political stance

Brock has strong political views

Although Brock mostly keeps his personal life a closely guarded secret, he has some strong views when it comes to politics. Brock is a Republican conservative and has some strong views about President Barack Obama and Obamacare.

Brock spoke about his terrible experience with the Canadian healthcare system while he was battling a life threating condition, Diverticulitis. He said that the healthcare he received in Canada made him feel like he was in a third world nation and spoke about his satisfaction with the current American healthcare system.

Brock said, “The only reason I’m mentioning this is – I’m mentioning this to the United States of America, because President Obama is pushing this health-care reform, and obviously I don’t want it. I’m a conservative Republican. … I’m speaking on behalf of Americans. I’m speaking on behalf of our doctors in the U.S. that don’t want this to happen, and neither do I.”

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