10 things you probably did not know about Shane McMahon

Sibling love was strong

Did you know Shane left WWE for YOU?Professional wrestling is a volatile business. One day it might look like the most boring thing out there and next day, it would turn upside down. All it takes is a stimulus that stirs up the fans. Shane McMahon’s return to the WWE was such a stimulus. His introduction has created a new found interest among the WWE fans and even the intelligent smarks marked out when he showed up on Raw.Shane is the talking point in fan circles these days and it would be a perfect time to dig deep into the lesser known facts about him. So here are some things that you probably did not know about Shane McMahon.

#10 He raised Stephanie

Sibling love was strong

Growing up in the McMahon family was never easy. When Stephanie and Shane were young, WWE was on the rise and this kept Vince and Linda busy. They were running around to give the company a credible platform and this left Stephanie and Shane on their own for most of the time. Shane, being the older one, acted as a great role model for his sister.

Stephanie herself has credited Shane for the same and probably this intimacy is still there between the siblings. The irony is, Vince McMahon once wanted to run an incest angle involving Shane and Stephanie. We’ll see more about that later in the list.

#9 Shane was supposed to run WCW and ECW

Imagine that

Though Shane was associated with WWE for nearly two decades, he never got the chance to head the promotion. Shane was always working under his father in WWE. Shane apparently wanted to run a promotion on his own, and this is why he pounced on the opportunity to head WCW. When WWE acquired WCW, there was a talk within the company to run WCW as a separate promotion with Shane as the head.

Unfortunately, this idea was shot down. Later, when WWE wanted to relaunch ECW, Shane presented the idea of showing ECW as an online show. Vince thought that having ECW as a television show would be more interesting and snatched control from Shane’s hand.

#8 The Incest Angle

McMahon and his wild ideas

If this was any other list, this slide would’ve been higher up but since most of the fans out there know about this, we are going to keep it here. So the story goes like this: when Stephanie got pregnant with her first baby, Vince wanted to run an incest angle which, in the climax, would reveal Vince McMahon as the father of the child.

When Stephanie shot down the angle, Vince pitched the idea of Shane McMahon being revealed as the father. Stephanie shot down this one as well and thankfully, the career of Shane and Stephanie was spared a black mark.

#7 The PWI awards

Rookie of the Year in 1999

There are no introductions needed for the PWI Awards. It is an honor for most of the wrestlers out there and it was no different for Shane McMahon. He had some memorable matches during the late 90s and the early years of 2000. He got into the good books of Pro Wrestling Illustrated due to this and earned him a couple of awards.

His feud with Vince McMahon in 2001 won the Feud of the Year award after he won the Rookie of the year award in 1999. He was also ranked 245 in the PWI 500 for the year 1999.

#6 First McMahon to win a title

First McMahon to win a title

Vince McMahon is often criticized for the way McMahons win Championships in WWE. Vince held the WWE championship and the ECW Championship in some forgettable circumstances when Stephanie McMahon had an average run as the Women’s champion. However, Shane was the first McMahon to win a title in WWE. On the February 15th, 1999 episode of Monday Night Raw, Shane McMahon and Kane defeated X-Pac and Triple H.

Shane was the one that scored the pin and through the process, he won the WWE European Championship. Shane did not drop the title and instead, awarded it to Mideon. He also won the WWE Hardcore Championship a year later.

#5 His wife was a backstage interviewer

Shane with his wife

The WWE Universe is more than familiar with the McMahon family. We know a lot about Triple H, Stephanie, Vince, Linda and Shane but Shane’s wife is a McMahon family member that barely comes into the limelight. For the ones who don’t know, her name is Marissa Mazzola-McMahon. Shane married Marissa back in 1996. The marriage took place in a private ceremony at the McMahons’ estate.

Marissa later went on to become a film producer and produced the film Anamorph which starred Willem Dafoe. Before this, she had a brief stint as a backstage interviewer in Raw and SmackDown.

#4 Started as a referee


Shane McMahon is known among the WWE fans for his daredevil bumps and risky matches. However, before all these, Shane was part of the company as a referee. In fact, he started off in WWE as a referee. He debuted back in 1989 at Survivor Series (another legend that debuted in Survivor Series). The refereeing career of Shane lasted nearly two years.

Later in 1998, Shane was introduced as the son of Vince McMahon. The first storyline involving Shane and Vince revolved around Vince trying to demote Shane back to his old job of refereeing. From there, Shane slowly climbed up the ladder.

#3 He was behind

He was the brain behind the digital scenario

The internet has a major impact on professional wrestling these days. WWE’s website plays a huge role in the whole scenario as well. It is seen as a medium which confirms or kills off rumors. Crediting the creation of such a big website to one person wouldn’t be right, but it would be safe to say that Shane was the man behind the initiative.

At one point, Shane was the head of WWE’s digital media department and it was during this period that they launched He was later promoted to the Executive Vice president position of WWE Global Media and he held the position for almost a decade.

#2 The sugar glass incident


The match Shane McMahon had with Kurt Angle at King of the Ring was a memorable one. Both men gave their best and Shane showed his ability while wrestling a legend like Kurt Angle. There was a spot during the match where Kurt threw Shane through the glass that was kept near the ramp. WWE actually planned to use sugar glass which causes minimal damage but at the same time produces the theatric effect.

However, someone forgot to get the sugar glass and instead, installed plexiglass. Kurt and Shane had to do multiple bumps to break the glass and to make matters worse, both men were bleeding as the glass was not as safe as the sugar glass. Kurt recalls that Shane wanted to get bloodied so that he could get his moment.

#1 Why he left WWE

Shane McMahon left WWE for You

Shane McMahon’s hiatus from the WWE was something that made everyone talk. Some concluded that Shane was not in good terms with the McMahon family when some others concluded that he was done with the wrestling business. In reality, Shane just wanted to test out outside ventures. He spent two decades in WWE before resigning from the company in 2009.

Shane then went on to kick off a revolution in China where he set up You on Demand, which was the first on-demand and pay-per-view service in China. He was the founder and CEO of the company till 2013. He voluntarily stepped down from the CEO position but is still the Vice Chairman of the board

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