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10 times Kane won when he should have lost

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Kane has had some questionable victories over the years.

Kane is a legend in WWE. There’s no denying that. From the hype surrounding his debut to the moment he ripped the door off the cage during the first Hell in a Cell match to being lit on fire, lighting others on fire, becoming a corporate crony and everything in between, the man who has donned the mask (sometimes) for the past 20 years as Kane is a guaranteed Hall of Famer.

He is also the kind of wrestler who, even early on in his career, could afford to suffer losses without losing momentum. The word used for a wrestler with that kind of staying power is “bulletproof”. One of the biggest and best examples of a bulletproof wrestler is Chris Jericho.

He can realistically defeat Shawn Michaels and lose to Fandango, and then come back and become a top contender without anybody batting an eye. No loss has ever hurt Chris Jericho’s status in the eyes of the fans.

Kane is another great example. No matter how many times he loses and no matter who he loses to, Kane will always be the monstrous brother of The Undertaker and he could beat your top guy one week and then lose to the lowest guy on the totem pole the next week without losing an ounce of credibility. Yet somehow, over the years, Kane has won some matches in which he had nothing to gain and his opponent had a lot to lose.

#10 vs. Randy Orton (WrestleMania 28)

kane randy orton
Kane defeated Randy Orton at WrestleMania 28

This one is more of a weird result than anything else. It was 2012 and neither Randy Orton nor Kane was doing anything important (or anything at all, really), so why not put them in a match together?

This was right on the heels of Kane being John Cena’s personal punching bag on the way to the first of two “once in a Lifetime” matches against The Rock. At least Kane was in some kind of storyline, as Orton was just sort of existing at the time.

Kane shockingly won the WrestleMania match with a top rope chokeslam and went on to lose twice to Orton on TV and PPV to lose their feud. Later on, they would both become important members of The Authority.

The winner of this match was completely inconsequential, as at the time neither man was important -- in fact, the match probably shouldn’t have happened at all. But it did, and Kane won a singles match at WrestleMania in 2012.

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