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10 times WWE changed a Superstar's nationality

Jinder Mahal is billed from India
Jinder Mahal is billed from India
Gary Cassidy
Modified 03 Apr 2021
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Now, wrestling would be incredibly boring if everyone was the same, that's undeniable. And even more so if everyone's name was their real name.

Also, I get it, sometimes exaggerating someone's height or weight to make them seem more or less imposing is probably a good idea, too, but where do we stop?

Some Superstars get a complete revamp, some end up completely playing a character, whereas others just get one small change. Then spanning from minuscule to gargantuan, there's changing someone's nationality or ethnicity.

We all know Undertaker isn't really from Death Valley (or if you didn't, sorry) and being billed from somewhere that people know rather than a very obscure village is a smart choice, but what about changing where they're from altogether?

Well, WWE is no stranger to this - and you can argue that it's all part of creating a character, but who are the top ten Superstars who have had their nationality switched in WWE?

We're running down the list for you!

#10 Jinder Mahal (and the Singh Brothers)

Jinder Mahal was born in Canada!
Jinder Mahal was born in Canada!

Now, this may be one of the worst kept secrets in wrestling, so let's kick it off with Jinder Mahal.

Yes, first-ever Indian WWE Champion (we're not counting Great Khali winning the big gold belt) Jinder Mahal, who hails from that famous Indian city of...Calgary.


Of course, I am being slightly facetious because of course Mahal is of Indian origin - Indian Punjabi Sikh origin to be precise and is the nephew of Gama Singh, but WWE conveniently no-sells Mahal's Canadian roots, making him the big evil foreigner during his WWE Championship reign that coincidentally coincided with a WWE marketing campaign in where else? India!

The Modern-Day Maharaja was also paired up with The Bollywood Boys, who have changed names to The Singh Brothers, and are also from Canada. Billed from Punjab, India, but actually born in British Columbia.

Jinder, Samir and Sunil will go down in history as WWE's first-ever Indian stable, but all three members were born in Canada!

It is a known fact that Punjabi's form a large part of Canada's demography and Jinder might just be the biggest exponent of the same.

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Published 03 Apr 2021, 12:31 IST
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