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10 times WWE missed the chance to bring back a former Superstar

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Published 01 Sep 2017, 10:05 IST
01 Sep 2017, 10:05 IST

The WWE missed out on getting Sting and Goldberg in the early 2000s
The WWE missed out on getting Sting and Goldberg in the early 2000s

Without question, WWE is the biggest wrestling sports entertainment company in the world. Countless people have dreamed of becoming a WWE Superstar, but few have achieved it. While other promotions are able to offer tremendous opportunities for people in the business, the WWE is usually able to resign or lure away previous Superstars for another run in the company.

However, this is not always the case, regardless of the stipulations or offer made by WWE, some former Superstars chose to forgo another run in WWE to continue down the path they were on.

Let’s take a look at some instances where the WWE were unsuccessful in bringing back a former star. 

#10 Batista (2016)

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Former WWE Champion Batista.

For WrestleMania 32 WWE felt they needed a bit more star power for the event to really get the fans invested in the show.

The company contacted Batista for a possible return spot as a special referee for one of the matches, most likely for the main event of the show between Triple H vs. Roman Reigns.

Batista declined the invitation to return stating that he was not interested in a one off match or appearance but would be interested in coming back for a farewell tour of sorts. Batista is currently enjoying a career on the big screen staring in movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 & 2. 

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