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Top 10 Matches from Hell In A Cell Pay-per-view

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Hell In A Cell is a brutal structure

The Hell In A Cell pay-per-view was established in 2009, replacing No Mercy. The highlight of this pay-per-view is a Hell In A Cell match in which wrestlers have to compete inside a twenty-foot steel structure.

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The WWE Universe has witnessed some extreme battles inside the steel structure. Fans have been fortunate to have seen some memorable matches at the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view. Without further ado, let us take a look at the top 10 matches that took place at the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view over the years.

#10 Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon (Hell In A Cell 2017)

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Shane McMahon about to take a Leap of Faith

Kevin Owens faced Shane McMahon in a Falls Count Anywhere Hell In A Cell match. Shane struck Kevin Owens outside the cage and started the match in full control even after they entered the cage. He delivered a Coast-to-Coast to Kevin Owens through the steel bin. Shane McMahon unlocked the cage, and the action continued outside.

Both of them climbed on top of the steel cage and battled there for a few minutes. Owens delivered a Popup Powerbomb to Shane on the roof of the cage. As they were descending, Shane McMahon threw Kevin Owens, who fell through the announce table.

Shane McMahon set Kevin Owens on the second announce table and rose on top of the cage. He went for a Leap of Faith, but Sami Zayn managed to pull Owens out of harm's way, and McMahon fell through the announce table. Zayn put Owens on top of Shane McMahon for the pin and won the match. It was a surprising end to the event as Sami Zayn turned heel.

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