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10 Types of Smarks in Professional Wrestling

In which category do you fall?
In which category do you fall?
Modified 15 Oct 2018
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Professional wrestling might be the most farcical form of sports or entertainment to exist in the 21st century. However, not only does it survive, but it also is the most globally acclaimed form of theater art, and gives the real sports a run for their money.

One of the prime reasons the industry hasn't been driven out of the market is due to its loyal fanbase or smarks. They debate constantly on the internet on who should be pushed, who should be buried, who should leave for greener pastures, and who should be fired.

However, not all the smarks are the same. In other sports, the fans are distinguished on the basis of their loyalty to a particular country, player, or club. However, in professional wrestling, they are differentiated on the basis of the opinions they hold.

Here are 10 types of smarks in professional wrestling.

#10 The one who is engrossed in the past

Hulkamania is still running wild on them, brother
Hulkamania is still running wild on them, brother

The Attitude Era is credited, by many, as the best time to be a wrestling fan. WCW and WWE put their best foot forward and ensured the fans (read future smarks) had a great time no matter which show they tuned in to. Our first classification of smarks are born in this era and are unable to get out of it.

Instead of checking out the latest episode of Raw, SmackDown, Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground, or World of Sport, they spend their free time exploring the internet for past videos. Even if they do check out the latest episodes, they compare it with that of their time and end up criticizing it.

Pros: There is a saying 'Old is gold' which fits aptly to the professional wrestling circle as well. These smarks have been following simulated combat for a long time and while arguing, you do realize that the best use of the time machine would be to go back in time and watch Raw and Nitro every Monday night.

Cons: The fact that they can't get out of their time means that they are missing a lot of modern-day pro-wrestling and fail to understand its beauty. For them, their logic to loathe present-day wrestling will be circumscribed around the fact they aren't taking place two or seven decades earlier which is absurd on its own.

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Published 14 Oct 2018, 15:48 IST
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