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10 unforgettable moments from Backlash over the years

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Modified 13 Apr 2018
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This time Backlash will be co-brand PPV

Since its inception in 1999, Backlash has been known as the event that preceded WrestleMania.

It usually had a card with re-matches from WrestleMania and served as a PPV to completely end WrestleMania storylines. This continued until 2009 after which Backlash was discontinued.

Then, in 2016 WWE reintroduced it as a Smackdown PPV, but that year it was after SummerSlam.

The following year it was again given back its previous position, and that is continuing this year as well.

So, Backlash in its thirteen PPV appearances has witnessed a lot of memorable moments. Some have been great while others not so much.

There were many moments of shock, awe, and disgust which made them unforgettable.

Here is a list of ten unforgettable moments from Backlash history.

#10 Batista VS Shawn Michaels (Backlash 2008)

This match culminated in a feud between Jericho and Michaels

When Shawn Michaels retired Ric Flair from actively wrestling in the ring in WrestleMania 24, Batista was very upset about it. He even challenged Michaels to a match at Backlash.

In came Jericho, saying that both men were trying to act well when in reality both wanted to be the one to retire Flair.

This did not go well both the wrestlers, and Jericho was in the receiving end of both men’s finisher.

So, in classic WWE fashion, Jericho was assigned the special guest referee for the match.

The match was good, not a show-stealer by any margin, but the angle coming out of the match was the best.

Michaels, who had vowed that he would do anything to win, acted injured during the match. Jericho briefly stopped the match only for Michaels to capitalise on the moment and gain the victory.

A few weeks later, Michaels would reveal that he was not really injured, making Jericho attack him, and start one of their best feuds.

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Published 13 Apr 2018, 00:42 IST
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