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10 wild Wrestlemania Moments

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Hogan vs. Andre headlined Wrestlemania III
Hogan vs. Andre headlined Wrestlemania III

WrestleMania has been going on for over three decades. Here are ten of the craziest, wildest, most memorable moments from its illustrious history.

Wrestlemania wasn't the first pro wrestling pay per view, but it has grown into the biggest, with an audience larger than the Super Bowl, World Series, and Stanley Cup--combined.

With over thirty years of history, there are bound to be numerous magical moments, scripted or not. But there are those matches, interviews, turns and plot twists that are just a little bit wilder and more unpredictable.

Here are ten of the wildest Wrestlemania moments.

#10. Roddy Piper extinguishes Morton Downey Jr.'s heat.

Piper and Morton Downey Jr.
Piper and Morton Downey Jr.

For those of you who didn't grow up in the 1980s, you're probably wondering why Piper had beef with Iron Man's dad.

Morton Downey Jr. (no relation to Robert) had gained prominence as a 'shock jock' comedian whose main gimmick was smoking a cigarette and being obnoxious. While there are certain parallels between him and Roddy Piper, it's clear that Hot Rod was genuinely a bit madcap.

When Morton Downey Jr. kept blowing smoke in Piper's face, the Rowdy One responded by using a fire extinguisher to blast the comedian in the face. Most celebrities should be so lucky to have such an up close and personal experience with Roddy Piper!

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