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10 Women wrestlers that went under the knife

In search of perfection, many women wrestlers has gone under the knife.

Nikki is one of the notable names in the list

Altering one’s body has turned into a trend these days. The never ending quest of human minds, in search of pinpoint, perfection, have led to millions of plastic surgeries around the world and a major chunk of these happen in the show business.

While most of the female wrestlers in the wrestling business give more attention to what they can do inside the ring these days, there used to be a time when WWE and other promotions, only used women as eye-candy to appeal the 18-35 male demographic.

A long list of female performers went under the knife to make alterations to their body and in this list; we are going to take a look at some of the notable ones.

#10 Mickie James

Mickie is set to return to WWE

Mickie James is all set to make here return to WWE by having a match at NXT against Asuka. The former WWE Divas champion might be known more for her in-ring work, but she had solid looks to go with this as well. Mickie enhanced her breasts, at some point in her career, and this became a talking point when she ruptured one of them while wrestling.

This accident happened back in 2009, and she has recovered since. However, the accident did cause a lot of debate back then, on how safe it is to wrestle with implants. The debate soon cooled off, and it is unlikely to poke up until another accident.

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