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10 Women stars WWE could sign in 2017

The REAL Women's Revolution awaits!

Santana Garrett is one of the most accomplished women's stars in the world.

Women’s wrestling has recently grown to levels of popularity that we have never seen. With the birth of WWE Women’s revolution, the division has excelled into a powerhouse group of high-quality women's athletes, competing at the same level as their male counterparts.

Names like Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Bayley and Becky Lynch have all helped usher in this new era of women's competition, where the ladies are no longer referred to as "Divas," but rather just simply known as the top-tier women wrestlers that that are.

Since the brand split, the women's division has been spread pretty thin and while both Raw and SmackDown's rosters appear to be doing just fine for themselves, it's becoming very clear that there will soon be a need for more women on each roster.

With that said, Asuka is one of the very few left on the NXT roster that could potentially make the quick jump to the main roster. Most of the other ladies of NXT still have a lot of work left to do before they're ready to even compete on NXT's programming, let alone the main roster.

It's currently being rumoured that WWE officials will soon be making an attempt to sign several top women's wrestlers from the independent scene and abroad. After taking a look at the potential names that could find themselves on WWE's radar in 2017, I've come up with the following list of women's stars that you could see on WWE television in the New Year.

#10 Mika Rotunda 

She's much more than "Bray Wyatt's sister.”

Some who are reading this are scratching their heads in confusion right now. Some don't even know who this person is and some know exactly who she is, but they don't know why I would list her here. Mika Rotunda has never wrestled a single match in her life.

She's never cut a promo and she's never laced up a pair of wrestling boots. However, she's very knowledgeable about professional wrestling and knows all too well what it takes to become a WWE performer. 

Mika is the daughter of Mike Rotunda and the sister of Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt. She has been around wrestlers and wrestling her entire life. Mika has also had a tryout with the WWE as well. She possesses the raw athleticism and inherited talent to become a professional wrestler.

If given the opportunity, I sincerely believe Mika Rotunda can one day become a member of the WWE family. 

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