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10 Most Disappointing WWE Champions

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As great a brawler as he is, Sheamus never really had a worthwhile run with the top belt

The WWE Championship is one of the most prestigious prizes in professional wrestling. The company's top title isn't something that they just toss around, although sometimes it may seem that way.

Whether it was the WWE Championship, the Universal Championship, the Undisputed Championship, or the World Heavyweight Championship, being awarded the top prize of whatever brand you were on meant that the company believed in your ability to carry the roster for the foreseeable future.

However, sometimes those plans don't work out. Whether it was the performer's in-ring ability or mic skills, or the lack of anything positive coming from the WWE's creative staff, the company has had quite a few duds when it comes to the WWE Championship.

Today, we're here to look at ten of the WWE's worst champions. While many fans may disagree with including the World Heavyweight Championship, those who have held it are considered WWE/World Champions by the company, and therefore are game for this list. Sorry to all the Jack Swagger fans out there.

#10 Christian

Captain C
Captain Charisma's time at the top was soured by incredibly poor booking

Christian came back to the WWE in 2009 after a stellar run in TNA. Captain Charisma was elevated to main event status in Orlando, Florida, earning the respect that he rightfully deserved. Christian left the Impact Zone as a two time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, and many fans assumed he'd be put into the main event picture of one of the WWE's brands.

They were right, but not in the way they hoped. Christian came back to WWE's incarnation of ECW, challenging young up and comer Jack Swagger for the ECW Championship.

It would take a few years, and the retirement of Edge, for Christian to get a real crack at the World Heavyweight Championship. After scratching and clawing to the top of the card on Smackdown, Christian earned a shot at the title in a 20-man battle royal, facing off against Alberto Del Rio for the title that the Rated-R Superstar vacated.

At Extreme Rules 2011, Christian defeated Del Rio in a ladder match to finally capture the World Heavyweight Championship. Fans were ecstatic as they finally saw one of their favorites, and Edge's best friend, ascend to the top of the card. However, he would lose that title two days later (five on tape delay) to Randy Orton, ending his first title reign in less than a week.


To make matters worse, Christian turned heel, becoming a whining, cheating, sore loser that only wanted "One More Match."

Christian would regain the belt after Orton DQ'd himself by kicking the Instant Classic in the groin at Money In The Bank, with the stipulation that if Orton got disqualified, he would lose his title. Orton would earn his title back a month later at SummerSlam, ending his run at the top officially.

Fans were ready to cheer Christian's name but weren't ready for the terrible booking that would ruin his hopes for another main title run.

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