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10 Wrestlers who are secretly huge nerds

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Modified 21 Sep 2018
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When you hear the words 'professional athlete', the image conjured to mind is often of an alpha male, non-intellectual, knuckle dragging man's man who only cares about beer, pizza, and impressing women.

What you don't think of is a glasses wearing, pocket protector wielding geek who can name all of the first appearances of every comic book character, or get over a million points on Galaga.

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And yet, some pro wrestlers actually adhere to the second model, and are secretly huge nerds who love Science Fiction, comic books, and video games.

Here are ten pro wrestlers who are secretly huge nerds!

#1 Erick Rowan

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As one half of the Bludgeon Brothers, Erick Rowan certainly presents an intimidating presence.

However, his size is not the most impressive feature he possesses. Rowan has an IQ of over 140--the same range as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Rowan can solve puzzles with astonishing speed, and taught himself how to start and operate a vineyard! He enjoys intellectual pursuits as much as the physical, meaning he can fly his nerd flag high and proud.

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Published 21 Sep 2018, 12:53 IST
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