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10 Wrestlers WWE regret letting go

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Kenny Omega

Every professional wrestler, no matter where they're based out of, or how they get their start, dreams of one day competing in the WWE. While there are a handful of wrestlers who openly claim that they're not interested in working for the company, there is very little doubt that they, at one point or the other, harboured dreams of wrestling inside a WWE ring.

Nothing is perfect in professional wrestling, and neither are the WWE officials. While Superstars are let go every year, it doesn't necessarily reflect negatively on their talent, or about what they can offer to promotions. The fact that WWE has hundreds of Superstars on its roster means that they need to squeeze some of them into storylines, while the others have to wait for their turn. While few performers are happy to just be in the company, we've seen multiple wrestlers go back to the independents, and make a name for themselves.

So lets take a look at 10 wrestlers who have done just that, and hence, WWE regrets letting go.

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