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10 wrestlers that WWE should never rehire

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The WWE might seem to have a split personality at times.

How else could you explain the company releasing a DVD entitled "The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior" (which was as much of a harangue as you might expect) and a few years later welcoming back Jim "Warrior" Hellwig with open arms and a Hall of Fame spot?

The simple fact is the WWE is, at the end of the day, a business. Cost/benefit analyses and number crunching are as much a part of WWE as body slams and headlocks. Sometimes it just doesn't serve the company's best interest to keep a wrestler employed at a certain point in time, and sometimes things change and those wrestlers might be welcomed back into the fold.

That being said, there are certain wrestlers who the WWE would be better served without. This isn't always a knock on the wrestler's ability, but is a simple evaluation of the fact that they don't fit in well with the WWE's corporate community.

Here are ten wrestlers the WWE would be wise NOT to rehire.

#1 Kevin Thorne/Mordecai

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The big, burly Kevin Thorn was one of the first talents pushed under WWE's now-defunct ECW revival. He was given a vampire gimmick for two reasons; 1. ECW was airing on the Sci-Fi channel and 2. He badly, badly needed an extreme gimmick to cover up his shortcomings in the ring and on the microphone.

After the vampire gimmick failed, Thorn was repackaged as Mordecai, who was supposed to be an 'evil Undertaker.' That also fizzled out and Thorn was released.

Why the WWE doesn't need his services: Thorn was pushed hard on his arrival due to his size, and failed to resonate with fans in either of his gimmicks. His limited appeal and less than stellar in-ring work add up to a talent the WWE would be better served without.

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