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10 WWE Divas who are still gorgeous

These beauties did not lose their good looks with age.

At 41, Lita is still really smokin’ hot!

Through time, many of us have either fallen in love with the gorgeous women from the sports entertainment world who grace arenas and television sets or wanted to emulate them (based primarily on our gender and romantic preferences). Over the years, many beautiful divas have been immortalized by their matches, segments and footage on the WWE Network.

Some of them still look just as stunning right now, as they did in their prime. This is a comprehensive list of 10 women who’ve either retained their absolutely mesmerizing looks or paid a surgeon to do so.

10: Lita 

In the words of Smackdown Announcer Mauro Ranallo, MAMMA MIA!

WWE Hall of Famer and 4-time women’s champion Amy Dumas, AKA Lita, redefined Women’s Wrestling when it was a sideshow, with lewd gimmick matches. As a part of Team Extreme, Lita was the probably first ‘cool chick’ that WWE ever had with her unique sense of fashion. But even recently, on the Raw and Smackdown pre-shows, alongside Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and Booker T, she has looked simply sublime indeed.

At 41, she looks like a million bucks and can set the pulse of men racing, around the world. Now that Lita is gone from the company, it's a tragedy that we won’t see more of her on screen; but there’s always the WWE Network to return to, to revisit her classic matches with Trish Stratus. Even the live sex celebration, if that one’s more up your alley.  

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