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10 WWE employees who have been with the company for the longest time

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Loyalty is extremely important to a certain Chairman of WWE
Loyalty is extremely important to a certain Chairman of WWE

It’s often said that loyalty goes a long way in life, and this is especially true in WWE. Vince McMahon, for all his negative personality quirks, is a man that appreciated loyalty above all else and awards those that stay with him.

Loyalty is paramount to WWE, which is why many employees that work for him for lengthy periods get ‘rewarded’ with certain perks and gifts. For wrestlers, such loyalty usually comes in the form of a world title run or some other major perk in their contracts or payments.

For non-wrestling employees, loyalty usually turns into some kind of special recognition backstage, as well as a promise of ‘being taken care of’ especially after said person retires. Both Vince McMahon and his father have been known to ‘take care’ of certain employees after they retired or left, as a sort of special thanks for so many years of sacrifice.

This level of respect usually extends to those employees that have worked for WWE for the longest periods, and the ten people mentioned here have all worked for WWE longer than anyone else.

10: Big Show

The World's Largest Athlete's has one long track record in WWE
The World's Largest Athlete's has one long track record in WWE

Paul ‘Big Show’ Wight was, until February 2018, one of WWE’s longest-tenured wrestlers, having signed with the company all the way back in early 1999. At the time, he signed a massive 10-year contract, and was catapulted to the main-event of the company shortly after said contract was signed.

In the almost two decades that followed, Big Show has done almost everything imaginable in WWE. He has worked lower-card comedy matches and main-events. He has been a singles champion and a reliable tag team for many a smaller wrestler. He has been both an unstoppable evil giant and also a champion for good. He was even been made to cry on TV at one point, though that might not necessarily be one of his career high points.

Given all of his accolades in WWE, one cannot deny that loyalty and commitment to your employer can yield many positive outcomes for your career.

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