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10 WWE opinions you may not like to hear

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18.94K   //    26 Aug 2018, 13:14 IST

No matter how hard WWE has tried over the last few years and how happy the NXT universe is, World Wrestling Entertainment has been ridiculed for quite some time now. Opinion matter a lot in terms of what one likes and dislikes, and in a way that has shaped the WWE universe we see as of today. The creative team has been harshly criticised for even minor plotholes and the idea of pushing a wrestler too much and not pushing a wrestler adequately is seen as a flaw that sometimes pushes the audience away from a particular wrestler. The truth is, despite the fans reeking havoc on the creative team about everything that has gone wrong, WWE is doing a lot of good things. The flip side, there are a lot of things that could have been better. But then again, that's an opinion.

I hardly seem to get the algorithm behind who the audience is cheering and why some wrestlers as heels garner more love. On a personal level, I have seen myself fighting with the idea that Velveteen Dream is just overrated, but I have always found his bouts interesting. These opinions hardly matter on the personal level, but when the whole crowd is booing one of the top guys of the business, and the Championship wins are accompanied by boos instead of celebration like they used to, one wonders if the problem is with WWE or the WWE fans.

Here are 10 opinions that WWE Universe may not like to hear and that's just about every personal opinion one has about the biggest wrestling company.

NXT is not better because Triple H is the boss

Triple H: NXT Boss
Triple H: NXT Boss

WWE Universe seems to have rested on this notion that NXT is doing great because Triple H is the boss. It has hardly anything to do with which face is running the particular show for the company. Since it's been advertised as Vince is running the WWE Universe: RAW and SmackDown as we know it, and Triple H is in charge of the NXT brand, we have come to an opinion that NXT is better because of this reason.

According to the list of WWE personnel on Wikipedia, there are 7 people credited in the creative writer's team for all their shows and events. I don't see why instead of fully crediting the wrestlers, we have in a way found this as a reason why we think NXT is better.

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