10 WWE rules we conveniently forget

Rules exist in every turn of life especially sports, where besides being regulators, rules also attempt at promoting fair sportsmanship. And believe it or not even a rash sport like WWE has its own legal roadblocks which slip by ones memory many a time, hence the name of this article.Nevertheless, WWE has its own set of rules and its stars are expected to abide by them. However, as the classic saying goes, rules are meant to be broken, and many of them have been shattered a ridiculous number of times during countless matches. With that in mind let’s take a look at 10 WWE rules we conveniently forget:

#1 Throwing Opponents Over The Top Of The Rope Is Forbidden

I’m sure many of you are surprised to find out that this is a rule since it happens so ridiculously often, but the simple truth is that you just can’t throw your opponent over the top rope. However, nobody really follows it due to its crowd pleasing potential, which is why no superstar is pulled up for it.

WWE was strict about it during its golden years, but its faded away with time although it hasn’t been technically abolished.

#2 The G.M has the authority to restart a Royal Rumble

Alright an entire Royal Rumble match has never had to be restarted, but it would be insanely awesome if that had to happen in the future. And the possibility of it happening isn’t far fetched as the GM is well within his rights to call for a rematch if two wrestlers hit the ground at the same time during the final two.

It’s happened with Bret Hart and Lex Luger as well as John Cena and Batista, the latter having to replay their final two to decide the winner.

#3 Rope rule

This particular rule is quite the tricky one. The logic behind this rule is that if a wrestler is attempting to pin his opponent down and the opponent in question manages to get his hand or foot on the rope then the referee stops short in his count and given the wrestler performing the pin five seconds to release his grip.

As mentioned before, this is one of the trickiest rules which is why it is so tough to enforce correctly.

#4 Piledrivers and Powerbombs are illegal

Okay this rule is another surprise since incidents like these are known to happen on occasions, but this is one rule that exists for everyone’s own good. Piledrivers and powerbombs can be really dangerous, needless to say why, and can pose some serious damage which is why they’re declared illegal.

However, wrestlers have been known to perform them from time to time, albeit under extreme precaution in order to ensure that the person on the receiving end is safe and the crowd is entertained.

#5 Outside interference is prohibited

No sport tolerates ‘a little help from your friends’ and wrestling is no different. Any help from third parties that are not designated opponents in the ring shall result in the disqualification of the seeker of the aid.

However, outside interference is just too entertaining to penalize which is why WWE have allowed breaches in the ring without coming down heavily on the invaders.

#6 Foreign objects cannot be used by Royal Rumble participants

Foreign objects have been used in wrestling countless times. In fact I remember cheerfully hammering an opponent with a table on one of WWE’s many video games. Wrestlers have brought foreign objects to the ring on many occasions, but using them in the Royal Rumble is a strict no-no.

The reason for the ban is obviously to impose some safety as mistakes can be made by even the most experienced wrestlers when using foreign objects.

#7 Closed fists are illegal

Wrestling is well wrestling and not boxing, which is why closed fists in the WWE are strictly forbidden. The referee is even well within his rights to disqualify a wrestler if he makes the use of his fists.

This rule has been broken before, but it’s pretty unprofessional when that happens as the wrestler breaking it is basically taking away his sport’s identity. Punches are even edited from telecasts to prevent unnecessary discrepancies.

#8 Choke holds aren\'t allowed

I’m sure you’ve seen a choke hold countless times in the WWE, but did you guys know that it’s actually banned? The reason for its ban is due to the extreme danger it poses if botched. A botched choke hold could cause serious damage to a person’s windpipe and sometimes even leads to permanent damage.

WWE has slightly altered the rule and defined a choke as a hand around the throat for a prolonged period of time, due to the number of times the rule has been ignored.

#9 Announcers have restrictions too

Many think being an announcer on WWE is a breeze, but the fact is that they face their own set of restrictions too. Announcers are prohibited from using the word ‘wrestler’ or ‘backstage during their commentary, and have to quickly come up with equivalents of those two words in order to avoid ticking off big Vinnie.

I pity the commentators, who as it is have to be quick with their words, when the time comes to try and use alternate words.

#10 Pinfalls Can Happen Anywhere

Okay there’s a large perception that this rule is simply present for humorous effect rather than anything else. It’s a pretty unusual rule so don’t beat yourself up if you’re unaware of it.

Pinfalls usually happen inside the ring, but should it move outside then the pinfall will count anywhere even on walls! How bizarre can the rulebook get?

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