10 WWE Wrestlers and their lookalikes

Amit Shukla
Modified 30 Mar 2021
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#9 Rick Ross and Mark Henry

Time for Twin Brothers
Time for Twin Brothers

Rick Ross is a rapper by profession, while Mark Henry is a WWE Hall of Famer who was inducted during the 2018 Hall of Fame Ceremony. While this is their individual work, the fact that they look like mirror images is a testament to their similarities. The two have the same style of beard and have the same body physique.

If you remember the segment when The Rock came to Raw, we saw Rick Ross backstage with his band, and if you mistook him for Mark Henry working a character, I can't blame you. You can check out the video below.

While the two haven't crossed paths inside a WWE ring or elsewhere, and with Mark Henry now a distinguished member of the Hall of Fame, we may never see them fight or get into a fighting segment, but a verbal confrontation can't be ruled out.

Henry is renowned as the world's strongest man and it is a much safer deal if Ross keeps out of his path of destruction.

Published 30 Mar 2021
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