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12 worst Royal Rumble competitors

TFW you see how statistically bad you
TFW you see how statistically bad you've been in Royal Rumbles
Modified 08 Jan 2018, 16:33 IST
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Yes! I did the math. Why? Because of today, snow buried my town like Triple H buries hot talent. Seriously, I haven't gone outside all day today because we've got over a foot of snow out there.

I don't know about you, but that makes me want to dig through the 317 people who have competed in the Royal Rumble match throughout history and run some statistics on them.

So what I did was, I copied and pasted every single Rumble match stat into Excel, sorted all of them by name, counted how many times they entered, combined all of their times using an online time calculator, and counted how many times their name appeared in the "eliminated by" column to determine how many folks they had thrown out.

Now, I'm going to be completely upfront here and say that I am not sure how accurate some of these numbers are, but seeing how long this took me, I'd say it's pretty damned close.

Anyway, using all that data I've compiled, I've made a list of the (statistically) worst Royal Rumble competitors ever. However, there are a few conditions - the first is that anyone who has won a Royal Rumble is automatically disqualified from contention. The second is that anyone who only entered one Royal Rumble is disqualified from contention. As an addendum to that condition, I also tried to minimize my selection of wrestlers who had been in only two Rumbles, as they would likely dominate this list if I didn't. Still, there were a couple of them that I had to select from this list, and you'll see why.

Now, two small disclaimers before I begin - just because they are on this list does not mean that I consider them a bad wrestler, nor does it mean that I dislike them. It simply means that they have not done well in Royal Rumbles throughout history. Finally, if you think I may have missed somebody, leave a comment below.

Alright, I won't bore you anymore... let's begin!

#12 Fandango

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DISCLAIMER - not photoshopped






Fandango was eliminated from the 2014 Royal Rumble by El Torito. Allow me to repeat that once more - Fandango, the winner of Season Four of NXT and beat Chris Jericho clean at WrestleMania... was eliminated by a little man in a bull costume.

I feel as though I don't have to elaborate any further.

No, but seriously, Fandango has not had a good go in his first two Royal Rumbles. In his first Rumble, he was eliminated by El Torito in 2:46, and in his second he was thrown out by runner-up Rusev in 7:36. Both times, he didn't eliminate a single competitor in the match.

How grim for Fandango.

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Published 08 Jan 2018, 16:33 IST
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