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15 Insane photos of WWE stars partying

WWE Superstars party hard......really hard.

Andre The Giant at a bar

Despite of what it may look like on television, WWE Superstars are human beings too. Being on the road 5 days a week does it fair share to mess up their private lives without even taking into account daily bumps and injuries.

WWE Superstars lead hard lives and often, they party harder. Stories of backstage partying during WWE’s boom period in the late 90’s are legendary and things nowadays are a little less crazy, especially with social media and camera phones.

Since we’ve already started talking about parties, let’s go ahead and look at 15 photos of WWE Superstars partying.

15: Candice Michelle and Jeff Hardy

Candice Michelle and Jeff Hardy 

Apart from his high flying offence and disregard for his own safety, Jeff Hardy is best known for his partying ways. He’s had well-documented problems with drugs and alcohol in the past, no incident more famous than showing up high out of his mind at the TNA Victory Road PPV in 2011.

In this photo we see Jeff with former WWE Diva Candice Michelle at a nightclub, taken soon after Hardy’s 2006 return to WWE. Needless to say, both of them look quite intoxicated.

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