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WWE 205 Live Results: February 27th, 2018

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This week's 205 Live saw the Quarter Finals of the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament begin
This week's 205 Live saw the Quarter Finals of the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament begin

Tonight's WWE 205 Live started with a recap of last week's result where the newcomer, Buddy Murphy, won his 1st Round Matchup, and Mustafa Ali made it past Jack Gallagher, despite an injured arm.

The video package went on to discuss the matches that were scheduled to take place on the show. The Quarter-finals of the Cruiserweight Championship were set to begin, with TJP taking on Cedric Alexander, and Roderick Strong taking on Kalisto competing to move on to the Semi-Finals of the Tournament. 

The commentators welcomed the fans to 205 Live, where they talked about the Quarter Final matches of the tournament which were to take place, looking back on the brackets.

TJP vs Cedric Alexander

In a backstage prerecorded promo video, Cedric Alexander said that he was not worried about TJP. Before coming down to the ring, TJP said that he should not have had to go through a tournament to get a Title Opportunity. 

TJP and Cedric started the bout with some grappling. Alexander picked up TJP and slammed him to the mat. TJP reversed the headlock Alexander put him in and hit him with a side grounded Hurricanrana. Alexander escaped and locked in the wrist lock on TJP. He stayed one step ahead of him and continued to lock him up.

Alexander found himself in trouble, getting locked up in a toe-hold, but reversed it into a near-pinfall. TJP came back with a kick to the face and tried to hit Cedric with another Hurricanrana, but Alexander was able to land on his feet.

He took TJP down and hit him with a dropkick. Alexander was able to lock in the armbar but had to break it as he grazed the bottom rope.

TJP locked in a body lock on Alexander, but he was able to escape. Alexander continued to hit TJP with Knife Edge Chops and followed it up with Snapmares, but TJP came back with Knee-Neckbreakers. TJP slowed down Alexander, but he hit a kick on the bridge of the nose, followed by an Upper Cut.

TJP got out of his way and locked in an innovated Sharpshooter and Standing Figure Four combination. TJP held Alexander against the ropes and hit him with a Snapmare and a Flying Reverse Senton.

He locked in Alexander again, and caught him with a flying back elbow, with a near-fall. TJP used every second of the Five Count, working on Alexander with the ropes. TJP locked in a Half Octopus Stretch, but Alexander had his arm in the way preventing him from locking it in.

Alexander escaped with elbow strikes and was then hit with a Suplex. Alexander reversed the next Suplex into a crossbody, following it up with strong strikes. He hit him with the Neutralizer for a near-fall. He went for an elbow but was reversed. He hit TJP with a Springboard Flatliner for another near-fall. 

Alexander went for the Lumbar Check, but TJP reversed it into a Gutbuster. He went for the Detonation Kick but was reversed by Alexander. He went directly for Alexander's knee hitting him below. Alexander hit TJP with a roundhouse kick sending him out, and followed him with a Suicide Plancha.

Back in the ring, Alexander hit him with forearms, but TJP locked in the kneebar. He rolled him up, grabbing the tights, but Alexander was still able to kick out.

TJp continued attacking the knee, but Alexander came back with an Uppercut. Both men laid each other out with corresponding clotheslines. TJP hit Alexander with a Flying Forearm.

Alexander reversed the Detonation Kick, and TJP was able to reverse the Lumbar Check locking in the Kneebar. Alexander managed to reach the rope and hit TJP with an Elbow, while TJP hit Alexander with a Roundhouse Kick.

Alexander and TJP exchanged shots, and Cedric was able to hit the sudden Lumbar Check for the win. 

Result: Cedric Alexander defeated TJP

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