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20 awesome fan art of WWE Superstars and the inspiration behind them

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Alexa B
Alexa Bliss fan art (Credits: Mau Toscano)

All over the world, different fandoms have talented artists creating amazing works for fun and profit. The fandom of professional wrestling is no exception. Here are some slides of fantastic fan art.

#20 The Undertaker

Undertaker fan Art by Flem.
Undertaker fan Art by Flem

This work, done by a mysterious artist named Flem, is a picture-perfect portrayal of "The Deadman" in his mid-90s costume. The realistically depicted 'Taker is surrounded by gravestones and a nimbus of phantasmal energy which he seems to be summoning from the Earth.

As near as can be told, Flem is no longer producing art, as this was the only image associated with his name. Still, it's a great render of the early '90s Undertaker.

#19 Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Owens and Zayn by artist Fox
Owens and Zayn by artist Fox

With its over the top characters, outlandish costumes, and visceral action, pro wrestling's nexus with video games is a no-brainer. Fans often cross over between the two genres, with WWE video games selling millions of copies worldwide.

This cartoon-style rendering of BFFs Owens and Zayn draws inspiration from Wreck-it Ralph, with Owens being the massive Ralph and Zayn representing Vanellope.

This fun, creative, and downright funny work is by Fox.

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